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「active design」という社名に込められた思い。それは「常に最新を求め、今までにないものを提案していく存在でありたい」という強い意志でもあります。それぞれの分野の枠にとらわれることなく、クリエイティブなこと、先進的なこと、人々に驚きを与えることを仕掛けていきます。
Flexbility en
The company name, active design, carries our strong determination to be a company that constantly pursues and offers something completely new. Without being trapped within the conventional frames of a given field, we will work on projects that are creative, innovative, and surprise people.
Total Balance
Total Balance en
In active design, the meaning of quality is not limited to how the final creations turn out, but includes the capacity for speed, to plan and propose, and to determine the price. We regard a creation is at a satisfactory level of quality only when all demands from our customers are met. We don't quickly say "No" to the needs of customers. We find ways to make the impossible possible. is the meaning of active design.
Social Contribution
Social Contribution en
Active design started as a hand-drawn architectural perspectives production company and has expanded its business to CG, images, CS, and design as a creator group. We will continue to strive to cross conventional frames and become a company that pursues new possibilities in content services and social contribution to revitalize the entire industry.